Spreading The Disease

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Ever worked in an office environment where there’s always someone who refuses to stay home when they’re sick? You know the type – they turn up even though they’re on death’s door, and you always end up catching whatever the hell they’re carrying. I’ve worked with a few of them…

Well now you can return the favour! Play Sneeze over at Miniclip, and see how many people you can infect!

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How to paint a 747 in 3 minutes

January 28, 2009 1 comment

…otherwise known as 12 days in time lapse mode.

And here’s Qantas‘ Airbus A380 being painted.

The New Me

December 30, 2008 2 comments

Listening to: The Window & The Watcher by The Butterfly Effect.

Well OK, not yet. But I’m planning on there being a new me. Why? Well, I’ve decided that I don’t want to become just another heart disease and/or diabetes statistic.

I’m overweight, by a good 30 or so kilos. I get a sore back if I stand up too long. My feet also hurt if I stand up too long. I sit down a lot, and lead a largely sedentary lifestyle. I work in front of a computer all day, and spend most of my out-of-office time on my arse too.

I joined a gym a few months back, but have already started to slack off there – I haven’t been in about two or three weeks. Ok, I was sick so I didn’t go, but I’m better now and haven’t gone back. Grr. I’m in the middle of three weeks (forced) holidays from work and was planning on getting to the gym three times a week (minimum). Hasn’t happened once yet. I’m good at promising to myself that I’ll do stuff and not doing it. Thanks for those genes, Dad…

Anyway, so New Year’s Eve is upon us and I’ve decided to make some little resolutions. The sort of thing that most people make and don’t keep. But it’s about time I kept these ones. Becauseif I don’t keep them, who knows what will happen and when?

So I’m planning 12 months of healthier eating, exercise and less time on the couch or in front of the computer(s). I want to lose 30kg this year. I want to see my weight in double figures for the first time in I don’t know how long. I honestly don’t remember the last time I weighed less than 100kg. I think it was when I was in high school, and considering I left high school in 1992, that’s fucking scary!

In the past, I’ve been pretty embarrassed to mention my weight to anyone, let alone on the internetz. But hey, if I’m going to face the demons, why not start by flashing my arse to the world (fortunately for you I don’t have my camera handy)?

So we’re off to my brother’s for the New Year’s Eve celebrations (assuming we don’t fall asleep by 10pm), then tomorrow, I’m starting. Come back in twelve months to see how I’m going. 🙂

I gave in

July 24, 2008 Leave a comment

Listening to: Psychosocial by Slipknot.

I bought an iPhone. I wanted one and wanted it bad. I have missed countless photography gigs because I was too lazy to check me emails daily. That and I couldn’t check it at work (can now, but at the time I couldn’t – stupid IT filters). So I wanted a phone that could do emails. The Blackberry was on the list, but the costs were out of my budget.

But the rumours of a 3G iPhone started and my ears pricked up. Then Optus (my phone carrier) announced they’d be offering it and my ears pricked up a bit more. Then they announced their plans and I was sold. It’s about what I was paying for my then-current phone (a Nokia 6280 that had a bad habit of restarting itself), and I got email, a nice big data allowance per month and all the little extras you get with the iPhone.

The touchscreen idea hasn’t worn off and I doubt it will to be honest. The App Store rocks, though some of the games are a bit steep, at least compared to the Java games on the Nokia. But the range of free apps is awesome. The ability to put all my music on it (at least off my Mac – there’s more on my PC) is cool, so I can throw out my Gen 1 iPod Nano.

But the best part for me is mobile internet. I can browse my usual sites on the go, or on my home WiFi network. I get email to me wherever I am, I get news updates, games to play, ways to track my car’s mileage and so on. Some people think it’s a nerdy, sheep-like thing (as in follow the crowd) to get an iPhone, but for me it’s about getting something that can give me the mobile access I’m after. It’s a bonus that it’s an Apple product. 😉

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Knees Of Fury 21

June 10, 2008 Leave a comment
Knees Of Fury – Originally uploaded by Adam1975


I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot the Knees Of Fury Muay Thai kickboxing event late last month. I was able to get a spot ringside for an amazing view of the events.

Many thanks to Nathaniel for the opportunity, and also many thanks to Kel for letting me borrow her camera!

Watching these guys do their thing up close is amazing. Well worth the ticket price.

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I know you want it..

May 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Well we’ve come to start it

What If? by Cog

Whoa, so it’s been like forever since I posted here! So much has been going on in the last month, that really I haven’t had time to write something up.

So I’ve been busy the last month. I was in Milan for a week (including a day trip to Florence), for a design exhibition. Awesome time was had. I saw some crazy parking, ate some amazing food, drank some wicked coffee and spent heaps of money. Oh, and I got something out of the work side. 😉

Then five days later I was in the air again, on my way to China. We spent six days there, looking at possible suppliers and stuff. We had a couple of days to shop, so I learned how to negotiate, Shanghai style. I bought some watches, handbags for Kel, and some other bits and pieces. Shanghai is a cool city. 20 million people can’t be wrong. Huge and crazy but I’d love to see it again. Though they can leave the pollution behind next time. We went up to the viewing deck of the Oriental Pearly Tower, and could see maybe 40 or 50km. Considering you’re 267m up, you should be able to see further than that.

But now I’m home, with my feet firmly on the ground (50,000km in three weeks is well and truly enough for now). I’ve eaten more than enough airline food, seen my fair share of transit lounges and just want to stop for a while. Been back two weeks, and haven’t yet – or at least don’t fell like I have – stopped. Work’s flat out, with a lot riding on what we’re developing. But we’ll pull it off and all will be well.

Photography is backing up – I’ve only just finished going through my Italy photos. I’ve still got 300+ from China, plus my brother’s surprise wedding (long story) to go through too…

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But I’m only trying to make it better…

April 10, 2008 Leave a comment

… is there no other way?

Bird Of Feather by Cog.

Yesterday was a big day for me. My pre-ordered signed copy of Cog’s new album, Sharing Space, arrived in our letter box. Three years to the week since The New Normal was released, their second CD lands. And what an epic.

While I don’t feel I can give every track a worthy review, this is a huge album. Thirteen tracks, seventy two minutes of Flynn, Luke & Lucius’ best songwriting and recording. I’ve been listening to it exclusively for the last twenty four hours, and it’s slowly starting to work its way in. The complexity of the melodies, harmonies and layering of tones and sounds is almost overwhelming. There’s just so much going on that it’s hard to get my head fully around it all. But I’m getting there!

Cog are playing at The Gov on Friday June 13th. Naturally I’ve already got our tickets. 😉 Last time I saw a band at The Gov, it was The Butterfly Effect, and it was pretty ordinary – I expected so much better from TBE, and the sound quality was a bit average. So I’m hoping beyond hope that Cog can do better – I’m sure they will.

Five days till I jet off to Milan – can’t wait. Also can’t wait for my passport to be returned from the Chinese Embassy. My trip to China the week after Milan has been confirmed and booked. I applied for the visa, only to be told that I have to send my passport to the Chinese Embassy (presumably in Canberra – the travel agent organised it) so they can put the visa sticker in it, or something. It was due back today, but I haven’t spied it. If it doesn’t arrive tomorrow, then I’m in the shit.

So yeah, I return from Italy on 23rd of April, have the 24th off, 25th is ANZAC day then the weekend. Monday 28th at work, then Tuesday I’m on a plane @ 6:05am to Shanghai via Melbourne. I get back on the 4th May. I’m gonna be stuffed, and desperate need of sleep, methinks…

But I’ve got pretty much everything sorted now I think. Just need to pick up a travel umbrella on the weekend and I can start packing. Yay. Then to unpack most of the crap I just packed as I realise I won’t need it all. 😉